Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dance a jig in the store

SO I'M GIVING a guitar lesson in Second String Music's back room this morning when I hear some singing and hooting and hollering. I walk out and there's Justin Haubrich playing guitar and another older gentlemen singing and dancing and having the time of his life. Our Dean sales rep, Phil Jost, is just sitting there with a smile and several other customers enjoyed the show.

Justin is considering the purchase of a Takamine GD-30ce to play at the Blind Pig for Open Mic nights starting this Wednesday at 8 pm. He is the host and will be playing too. Be there.

Yup. That's the corner of Fifth and Maine. You just never know what will happen or who will walk through the door.

Sheryl deals with it all and just keeps forging ahead. I just strum the guitar, give lessons, walk the dogs, buy lunch and stay out of the way.

Pinch me again.

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