Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Second floor is full!

WE GOT GREAT news this week - our historic Dodd Building second floor space has been filled!

A local photographer is renting it, and she has already started tearing up the old carpet. The old wooden floors are gorgeous and we are so excited to be breathing back life into our building. We leased out the other second-floor space to a local musician who has installed a recording studio.

There's a lot of work to be done - we called our electrician and he came this morning to check it out. Fortunately all the innards are modern and up to code so it isn't too hard to get additional outlet and light fixtures to the rooms. The windows will need some TLC, the rooms painted, and we've already hired a local contractor to fix the ceilings. Finally, we have the motivation to "finish" the space.

The second floor just exudes character, history and charm.

We have a lot more work ahead, but it's a great start. We still have first-floor retail space available as well - you can call Second String Music at 217 223-8008 for more info.

Here's to calling downtown home and to fixing up old buildings. Cheers!

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