Monday, February 9, 2015

Jam for Ted

MARK MESTER AND Rollo Carder put together a jam session at Turner Hall Sunday afternoon to honor the late Ted Tappe. It started at noon and when I drove past there at about 6, they were still going strong - who knows how long they went.

Smells like old Cheese on the Turner Hall stage!
I got up there with former Cheeseburgers Eric McKay and Burt Shackleton, along with drummer Kirk Gribler and bassist Mike Carter. We tore through four songs and it was just like falling off a bike, to quote former Quincy University hoopster Jay Driscoll.

And we did it to remember our friend Ted, who passed away last April.

What I really loved about it was musicians of various ages and experience talking and hanging out. Again, music is the great equalizer and common bond for all people.

Thank you Mark, Rollo and Ted's family for letting us hang out and make some noise!

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