Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Filtering through the BS in election time

 WE HAVE A primary election coming up and there is a race for a City Council seat. I am not telling you who to vote for or why you should vote. But I do have some advice for people who are in the election.

If you want somebody to proofread your letters to residences, send them to my wife. Sheryl will read them and use her BS meter to determine if they make sense.

Don't tell us you will "reduce our taxes." Do you really have that much power? Wait. No you don't.

Don't tell us how you will be fiscally responsible or how you will represent us and give us a voice. Your job as alderman or in any political office is to be fair and to make tough decisions, and you are going to piss people off. It's the nature of what you do. Stop trying to tell us it isn't.

Don't have some stupidly-named group send out letters smacking your opponent, and using a fake return address on the envelope.

Don't go pointing out the speck in your opponent's eye until you take out the log of your own.  And if you've already served in public office, really, why are you running again?

You don't need a BS meter to tell I hate elections and politics.

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