Friday, July 3, 2015

Don't blow yourself up

BE SAFE THIS weekend. Blow up stuff. Enjoy time off of work, free fireworks show at the Vets Home and other places, and finally some good weather around here. Take plenty of protection for the mosquitoes though!

I like blowing up stuff as much as the next kid. You can grow older, but never grow up, is what I say.

I think this picture was taken in Coatsburg, Ill.
But here's a few things to remember. Fireworks are dangerous and most of them are not legal in this state, as opposed to across the river. If you do let them off yourself, do it fairly early - your neighbor might just be a veteran with PTSD, or a music store owner whose wife has the same issues. This is not a fun time for them. Be considerate.

Same goes with pets. Tucker, our handsome Border Collie, is terrified of things that go boom. I sat in the backyard last night by the fire and listened to the artillery shells being lobbed, and I thought, "Be proud, Calftown." Tucker came up to me and said, "Let me inside NOW, human." He has a prescription for Xanax, only a slightly lower dose than a human. Sheryl calls it, "Giving him his Cheese."

Have a great fourth. And be sensible about the Rocket's Red Glare. Peace!

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