Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Just go next door for a suit

IT'S NEVER A good thing when a business closes. There is a clothing store down the street shutting down, but the Maine Center owner says he'll have another business in there. Click here for the Whig story about Jos. A. Bank leaving Quincy.

The chain was purchased by another massive clothing store business, which saw little need for a little store in little old Quincy, Illinois. The store apparently made money, not just a little. That didn't matter. It never does, in business.

I feel especially bad for the people who work there. They don't matter in a huge corporate boardroom. They never do.

"Guaranteed to take three strokes off
your golf game." - Jeff Schuecking
Here's the thing. Quincy is too small for Jos. A. Bank. But it's not too small for Jeff Scheucking's awesome clothing store, which happens to be right next to Second String Music. I do buy stuff from Jeff, and I'm going in there for a belt soon, since Angus The Young seems to think my nice leather belts are excellent chew toys.

Jeff is from Quincy, lives in Quincy, set up his own small business in Quincy, and is proud of his downtown store. He is also a great trumpet player and a member of the Heidelberg German Band. Musicians rock.

No wonder we like him so much!

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