Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Blues marches on

THERE IS STILL tons of local media coverage about last week's storm. Yes, it was cataclysmic. Yes, it was and still is a huge topic of discussion. Yes, it impacted everybody. Yes, there are still things that need to be covered by the media.

I still have a wrecked car and huge tree stump in my backyard, along with a leaning garage and destroyed shed. And a wrecked roof in the front of the house. Still, it's all being taken care of, slowly but slowly.

Brian Murphy caught
James McKinney working hard
Life is getting back to normal. The Quincy Park District and a small army of volunteers did a great job cleaning up Washington Park, and Blues in the District Friday will be a good one.

The media around here is milking the storm for all it's worth, because that's what assignment editors do. Some of the stories are quite good, like Don O'Brien's Whig article about the Quincy Park District.  I almost laughed when reading about the park district folks "not entirely sure" of the damage in South Park.

Woodland Cemetery is still closed and it could be months until it opens. The park just south of Woodland, the little-used Indian Mounds Park, is in shambles. It's way down the list of parks to be cleaned up, rightly so, and it could be a long, long time until it opens.

We have good people at the Quincy Park District who care about our community. We have to be patient. Our parks will be back. It's a story worth following.

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