Thursday, July 9, 2015

The garden is huge

FOR THE SECOND straight year, our backyard garden has gone nuts. Well, seeds, anyway.

We haven't had to water it yet. Yesterday's monsoon ensures it won't be needing water for another week. Melons, tomatoes, peppers .... there's all kinds of stuff waiting to pop out.

The sunflower plants in the very back of our yard are magnificent. Sheryl had to rig up a grid support system so they wouldn't topple over. The sunflowers are taller than me - I'm 5-foot-19, so you figure it out. The flowers have started to bloom and you can see the tiny seeds. Yum! Harvesting the seeds will be an adventure.

We might very well be having our own little farmer's market inside Second String Music by the time this is done. If I don't eat them all first...

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