Monday, April 24, 2017

Art, sidewalk style

Follow that Yellow Brick Road into Second String Music!
WE HAD A blast Saturday using sidewalk chalk at Second String Music. I have asked for no rain for the next, oh, three years so the amazing art will be preserved. Well, at least for a few days. Sheryl is always thinking, of course, and snapped some great pics for posterity.

Katie Hogge, Cadi Lyssy, Stephanie Boyer and others sat in the sun and chalked up a storm. Cadi and Katie are really creative, and Steph even drew a picture of me, then colored in the Yellow Brick Road leading into the store.

We even had a young gal draw a tree after her mom bought a ukulele. Name another music store where you can purchase a quality instrument AND draw on the sidewalk when you are done!

The thing about chalk is that you don't have to be any good. I drew a peace sign that looked more like a rabbit with a bad hair day. Didn't matter. And who cares if my guitar looks like a hair dryer? Or if my cat looks like a fish? With Katie's help, we turned it into a catfish. See how this art stuff works out?

 Expression is what it's about, and it's all in the eye of the beholder. Just don't giggle or look perplexed when viewing my latest sidewalk chalk creations.

We encourage art in all forms. We still have plenty of chalk, and our sidewalk is always open, even if it isn't Friday afternoon.

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