Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Name at Sixth and Maine

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Michele Wilkerson, owner of Grown N Gathered. The property has undergone an amazing transformation - the apartments upstairs are almost ready, Ryan Christian's Electric Fountain coffee space now has a working garage door, and workers just put down concrete in the outdoor courtyard behind 601 Maine.

Michele is looking for a name for the courtyard. "The Patio" is boring and already taken. I like "Chele 601" or "Chill 601" or "Anything Is Better Than Calling It Courtyard 601." She's open to suggestions. Also, try the Guatemala coffee. It will keep you up until Friday, which is exactly the idea.

It's nice to see a business thrive at Sixth and Maine, instead of sitting empty. It takes a person with guts and determination to make it work, and I encourage you to check all of our way cool downtown businesses. Go see Michele today and wish her a happy birthday, and make sure you check out the artichokes, peanut butter chocolate, Goose Island beer selection and all the Yoga stuff next door.

And help the owner come up with a new name. She might even let you draw on her sidewalk with chalk.

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