Monday, April 3, 2017

Ask us, it can't hurt!

RAINY MONDAYS SEEM to be guitar and bass string days. I've had phone calls all morning and customers come in already buying strings. The guitar player is a beginner and tried to do it himself, But it didn't work out. He seemed sheepish when asking us to restring his instrument.

I assured him to not feel bad. When I go to get the oil changed in my car, do I sit there and feel miserable while they work on it? Bleep no! And when Sheryl is putting down weed and feed and replacing the fence in the backyard, or cleaning out the kitty litter box, I do the one thing I do best - stay out of the way.

There is no such thing as a dumb question at Fifth and Maine, unless it's me asking Sheryl if she wants Thyme Square for lunch. Sheryl and Steve Rees are very good at general maintenance and fixing things up. This morning, the young man was frustrated because he was getting string buzz. Turns out his floating bridge was too close to the body - a simple adjustment, and his guitar sounded great with new strings and better string action.

Don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help and we like helping. It's what we do.

Give us a call (217 223-8008) or stop by. It costs nothing to ask!


  1. Absolutely true story: I went to a local guitar store on Saturday with money left on a gift certificate purchased by my mother-in-law to buy strings, and the owner gave me a speech about how selling strings for half price for 30 years was "kicking my ass," so he was no longer selling strings. Now, I've asked a mayor if he was sleeping with a city clerk. I've asked a school superintendent why he thought he was being forced out of a job. I've asked the president of a nonprofit board why she cannot account for all the money. But I was so stunned that a guitar store wasn't selling guitar strings that I lacked the presence of mind to do anything but thank him for his time and leave the store back-assward, failing to ask whether he considered selling strings for full retail price instead of just dropping them from his inventory. So, yeah, it is possible to be too intimidated to talk to the local music store honcho.

    1. You will NEVER, ever, ever get a speech from me. And you were asking for strings, not help with putting them on. The music store owner is shooting himself in the foot. We sell lots of strings!