Monday, April 17, 2017

Tucker the ... camel?

AS YOU KNOW, I like to take the dogs into the bank every now and then. Last week Tucker was with me and the bank employees went their usual nuts, giving him treats and praising him for how handsome he is. Tucker is a great dog and he totally sucks it all in like good Border Collies do.

This morning I was in the bank without dogs. Employee Bobbe White said, "I had the strangest dream about you. It was about Tucker, actually. He came into the bank, and behind him was a bigger Tucker, like the size of a cow. Then came a Tucker like a horse, and then a Tucker like a camel."

What does it all mean? We pondered it for a second. Tucker has rolled in death on two of our last three walks, and he got a thorough scrubbing this morning (as did Angus, who wouldn't give up rolling in something nasty for the world). Does that have something to do with it?

Are Bobbe's dream and Tucker's bath somehow linked? Why does Bobbe remember this dream in the first place? Is Tucker a symbol for something bigger, like how the Blackhawks are going to get swept in the first round of the playoffs? Is Tucker a larger-than-life figure? Is he really a camel in an oasis of banks?

So many questions. And yet another reason why going to State Street Bank at 8th and State is always a cathartic experience. For the dogs, I mean.

Bobbe says I am a "word guru," whatever that means. Yet words fail me in this case. I do not really know what the dream means, or why she dreamed it, or why Tucker is a camel.

Hopefully I have to make a deposit tomorrow and we'll learn more about what the dream means.

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