Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Katie plays Friday!

KATIE HOGGE IS playing Friday for our noon blues show in Washington Park. Katie, 16, is one of my long-time guitar students. She's an excellent player and singer, and I encourage you to come check her out. It starts around 11:30-ish and goes until 1 p.m. The weather will be nice, there's plenty of shade at the northwest corner of Fifth and Maine, and the Butcher Block will have the grill fired up. Oh, and it's free.

Katie asked me to play a few songs with her. She certainly has eclectic tastes in music, everything from Carrie Underwood to Echosmith to the Ready Player One soundtrack. Katie would like it if we'd learn the theme to Knight Rider, since she's obsessed with the show, but we've put that on the backburner for now.Maybe the best thing about teaching is the variety of music you learn. Seven years ago I hated country music, but now I at least have an appreciation for some of the great guitar players in the genre. The pop music of today is pretty bland, but every now and then I'll hear something wild and out of the ordinary, and maybe even with guitar in it (gasp).

My theory about live music is that it's not about hitting every note perfectly. It's about the energy and giving it your best, no matter if there's two people or 2000.

Katie has been working very hard to be ready for Friday's show. I encourage anybody who appreciates music and the talents of young people to come check it out. I'm very proud of Katie and she's come a long way on the guitar, and she has a bright future, indeed!

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