Friday, July 6, 2018

Rock, no blues, tonight!

BET YA A dollar we have a few people show up at Washington Park tonight for Blues In The District. It's been two weeks since the last one and music-lovers think Blues is every other week.

Tonight in Washington Park!
Nope. Blues In The District is the second and fourth Fridays of June, July and August. That means we are in the midst of a three-week break. The Quincy Park District smartly stepped in and now we have three bands playing on the off weeks, starting with last Friday's Raised On Radio show in Washington Park.

The Cheeseburgers play tonight. And it won't be 100 degrees! And there will be shade! And we aren't on a rickety flat-bed trailer for a stage! Heaven! WIN! Remember, we all have to pitch in to Make America Grate Again.

It's going to be a tick over 80 degrees, the humidity is down and there is a ton of shade in the park. And ... you can bring a cooler. Please behave. Or don't, we are fine with not behaving.

Anyway, let's rock the park and have ourselves a beautiful Friday night in downtown Quincy, and we look forward to local band Soul Shaker playing next Friday for Blues In The District.

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