Friday, November 23, 2018

Another year around the sun

TODAY MARKS THE start of my 55th year going around the sun. Old hat by now, but I like my birthday day. Normally Black Friday isn't all that big a deal at Second String Music, though we came in an hour early and we already have people shopping. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday and should be a great time at Fifth and Maine.

Sheryl bought me a massage from the awesome Shannon Lewis at AdJustin Wellness Center and a coffee made by Grace Mihal at Electric Fountain Brewing. I have a couple of makeup guitar lessons and have to work at The Whig tonight, so Happy Hour will be low-key. Maybe we'll celebrate a little bit more tomorrow before, during and after the Christmas tree lighting event in Washington Park.

Anyway, thanks for all the Facebook birthday wishes. It's been another eventful year and I look forward to playing more music and rocking at Fifth and Maine. Peace Love Joy and be safe out there this holiday weekend!

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