Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Vote vote vote vote!

THERE ARE A lot of reasons, all lame, to not vote. Too busy, don't want to wait in line, couldn't care less about the choices, we are all screwed anyway, etc.

I don't want to hear it. But I was once young too, a long time ago.

This morning, I voted. It took five minutes. Easy in, easy out at Salem Church on 9th and State. I made informed choices, swayed by our current climate, swayed by rationale, not the radical left or unflinching right.

I just talked to a young person this morning who isn't registered and wasn't planning on voting. I urged her to vote. "You are the one most affected by all this stuff going on, not me," I said.

I remember becoming eligible to vote, and for many years I was apathetic. I hated politics. I didn't think it mattered. I was so wrong, so stupid, so naive.

This morning there was one race in particular that I really struggled with, because the candidates were so unappealing. I did a lot of reading, and I ignored a lot of vile and inaccurate television commercials.

And I made my choice. I can live with it. I can't live with not voting. Nobody should.

If you are not registered, go to the Adams County Courthouse (West Entrance) today till 7 pm to register and VOTE right there. You will need your ID and a piece of mail to prove your address. Easy.

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