Monday, March 22, 2021

Greg Ellery - Q Town legend!

 IT'S ALWAYS GREAT to see our friend Greg Ellery pop by Second String Music. Greg is from Quincy and has been living in California for a few years. Now he's moving to New York City and pursing some promising acting gigs. 

Greg and I have "acted" before. The picture on the right shows us reenacting the infamous "International Dropping Guitars Off The Roof Of Second String Music contest" a few years back. The video is linked. It never gets old. In the immortal words of Sam Middendorf, "NEEEEEVVVVEEEER."

I also unearthed some videos we did in the Calftown backyard a decade ago. You can type in Funions Follies on YouTube to find them. I think Greg is a genius. Life around here isn't quite the same without him. 

Good luck in New York City, G-Dawg. And I'm glad you can swing by your old stomping grounds once in a while or between life adventures. Go get em in the Big Apple!

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