Wednesday, March 31, 2021

We have it in stock. Amazing.

WE ARE FINALLY getting stock delivered to Second String Music. Of course we've had a ton of stuff all come at once, but we aren't complaining. Poor Sheryl had to deal with a massive delivery while I was in lessons all morning Tuesday. But she is organized and enjoys rearranging things. It is a win for everyone.

We have the $200 Fender acoustics back on the floor. We also received Casio, Roland, Gretsch and Takamine orders. The Takamine acoustic guitars are beautiful as always, and we even have a super nice Pro 5 on the wall.

Sorry about the glare!

It's tough when people come in and you don't have what they are looking for. Of course, nobody else does either. You know it's bad when the web warriors who normally wouldn't darken our doors come in looking for stuff because the internet is out. Whatever it takes. 

Last week a man from Jacksonville came in and bought a nice Fender electric case for his Telecaster. He said he's been looking in Springfield, Peoria and even St. Louis, and nobody had one. And he was told when new stock came in the cases were going to be more expensive. So it was worth the drive to Quincy and Second String Music.

We are expecting more deliveries as supply chains slowly get better. You can always check our Facebook or this blog for updates. 

Swing by if you want to see what's new!

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