Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Wind and trash

IT'S WARMING UP and blustery in downtown Quincy. That means Angus is miserable, and the trash is blowing around through the wind tunnel known as Maine Street between Fifth and Sixth.

Angus doesn't like it when weather approaches or when the Second String Music door opens by itself because of the wind. I couldn't find him this morning after he got to the store, and I finally located him in the back room bathroom, shaking and panting like mad. Sheryl took him home, where he'll sleep the rest of the day and be much happier ignoring the cats.

Perhaps because of the tall buildings at Fifth and Maine, the wind tends to really whack our little corner of paradise. We won't talk about how many windows we've replaced in our five-story building (probably 80 percent of them) and how it sounds like a freight train at times.

It also tends to displace debris and trash. You know I have issues with trash downtown, and right now there's lots of grocery bags, plastic cups, cigarette boxes and just junk all over the place. I walked around the block and it's always disheartening to see how people just don't care and throw their crap in the street. Washington Park looked particularly bad, but again it's probably because a lot of stuff is just blowing around.

Last night Sheryl took a bag and cleaned trash off Maine, 5th and in Schuecking's parking lot. She normally just takes the blower out and clears off the debris on the sidewalk but last night the trash was overtaking our little part of town.

This is a great idea from the Quincy Brewing Company - a cleanup event downtown on April 24. The District has sponsored various events to make things  cleaner down here, and any effort is appreciated.

We will keep doing our part, encouraging others to pickup and praying the wind dies down someday.  Keep it clean, people!

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