Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Big Move, and treating your tenants right

The sign will soon come down.
WE ARE MOVING Second String Music to the corner of Fifth and Maine, and we'll be up and rocking July 2.

The decision to move was not easy. Sheryl and I love being in the old Calftown grocery store at Eighth and Washington. It's a block from our house, the street theater is free and the place has character.

But we are out of room. So we started talking about moving on up.

Our hand was forced by an out of town landlord who fails to understand the responsibility of taking care of an old building. I'm not going to get into it. Reputation is everything, and being a bully is pointless. Enough said.

"It will all work out," Sheryl said a while back, when things were up in the air. 

We looked at some different areas of town. Broadway was tempting because of the huge traffic. But rent is outrageous - how can a small business survive? No wonder places come and go on Quincy's busiest street. I will say I appreciated one building owner who worked with us and was very fair and upfront about the process.

We wanted a building with character, with possibilities, with life. We found it at Fifth and Maine, and old bank building with history oozing from transom windows and worn steps.

Our negotiation to rent the first floor was seamless. We have a very good landlord. We are beyond excited.

The first floor is massive. Sadly, the floors above are in bad shape. It makes you wonder thinking about who owned the place back in the day and allowed it to get like this.

So much to do. Frank Haxel and I start the process this afternoon, and a very happy Father's Day to us, lugging boxes of drum kits downtown!

It's all good. Our last day in Calftown is June 30, Fast Eddie's birthday, and one final riotous bash is just the ticket. After that and a Cheeseburger show, July 1 will be a challenge to move everything. But it will get done.

I am grateful to our loyal Second String customers. I can't wait to work with the city's economic development and downtown promoters. There are some huge life decisions to make.

It's all good. 

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