Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carpet and soul cleaing

Bella smiling like we don't know what she just did....
SHERYL BOUGHT A carpet cleaner the other day and has started attacking some "problem" areas in the house. Our dumb dog Bella has a tendency to eat Christmas trees, tin foil and squirrels. She goes through times of great bowel distress, which I'd rather not get into, which means you can keep reading.

"All I'm really doing is getting the bleep stains out of the carpet," Sheryl says.

Well, yes, that's a simple way of putting it. We have to vacuum quite a bit due to shedding dogs, and I always feel better after sucking up three pounds of canine essence.

It's the same way with the soul. We have had to do a lot of thinking lately with the store moving and some other stuff, and it's good to clean out all the junk. I am terrible when it comes to keeping things bottled up and having it eat away at me, and Sheryl doesn't put up with it. If we have issues, she's very good about getting them out in the open and figuring it out.

We have done a fair amount of cleaning at the new Second String Music already, with a lot more to come. Inside and outside, it's gotta be done on a regular basis.

And it feels good when you are done!

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