Monday, June 4, 2012

Learning more and more about retail

SHERYL AND I continue to learn every single day about how to run a retail business.

When you post hours, stay open during those hours. If you are open until 6, stay open until 6. I learned this almost the hard way last Saturday, when Sheryl and I got ready to leave at 5:55 p.m. Sure enough, a young man came up to the door, took a look at the closed sign, and started to turn away before I caught him. Turns out he bought a very nice amp from us and I would have lost the sale in my haste to save a few minutes to get out of Dodge.

I have learned that if someone comes to see us about a guitar and then buys from a competitor, it's no big deal. We do what we do and if somebody goes another direction, well, at least they gave us a shot and a chance, and that's all we can ask. You are under no pressure if you come in here looking for a guitar, amp or instrument. These are big decisions and Second String Music likes being considered.

The other thing people should realize is that not being honest with us will do you no good. It will only make us more determined to be better. Lesson's are enlightening about the person that was dishonest and we STILL learn from these experiences. In the end, it will make us better serve our customers and the music community.

We keep learning and growing, and they both go hand in hand.  Come by and visit with us.

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