Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On The Road

OUT OF TOWN this week covering a murder trial. Should be done today, with any luck.

Murder trials are exercises in patience, concentration and more patience. Making them more challenging are the multi-media requirements today, where bosses expect photos and videos with everything. Thank goodness today H-W photographer Phil Carlson is here.

I used to enjoy going out of town for events, but now it's the same old hotels, restaurants and places kind of thing. My musical hero, Pete Townsend, talks a lot about how playing is fun but the traveling and touring is a pain. I used to think he was nuts - who wouldn't want to travel and see new things and experience places?

Well, it's a hotel and courtroom, for the most part. I'm too old and Dutch to go out and have fun. I'd rather fall asleep watching the NBA Finals so I'm ready to go the next morning.

I miss my wife, the store, the dogs and cats, just being home. If age does that to you, I'm OK with it.

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