Monday, June 11, 2012

Much To Think About

SHERYL AND I have much to think about lately. First, our brother in music lessons and music stores in general, Warren Riley, has decided to stop giving lessons. Those of you on Facebook can click here for more. We are saddened to see Warren leave but he's still a member of the Second String Music family, and always will be.

We are thinking about taking the next big steps for our business, including a new location. We have several options, including one that is simply terrifying and intriguing. I just saw a quote about not taking risks is like not living out your dreams, which is very true.

We are talking about our lives here, not about a simple business opportunity. Fortunately we have a sound team behind us and some good people who will give us advice and help us consider things from all angles.

We are looking for something with more visibility and character, something that speaks about us. We are looking to work with reasonable people, not unhinged landlords who don't understand about taking care of property. We are doing our homework, and we are being very careful.

A big adventure awaits, that's for sure!


  1. Sounds like lots of lists are being made (either actual or mental), lots of info to sort through. I wish you clear heads as you consider everything!

  2. First we have to pick a building, then sign paperwork. But we are ready for the change.