Saturday, June 30, 2012

Warren Riley Rocks

SHERYL SAYS SHE will not miss our 8th and Washington store. She's had to deal with the ignorant landlords, so I don't blame her.  She will miss her buddy Warren.  He has taught her a lot and without him she doesn't think our store would be where it has come over the last year and four months.  (Okay, time to stop before she starts to bawl.)

I will miss some things about this old store, especially Saturday mornings, sitting in the ugly green chair in back while writing a blog. I will miss walking from the house to the store a block away. I will miss talking to the ghosts in the vacant upstairs apartment. I will miss giving lessons in the former Peggy's Costumes fitting room.

But most of all, I will miss Warren Riley, our guitar teacher, on Saturday mornings. The first thing we did after deciding to open the store was get Warren on board, and it was the smartest thing we did.

Warren not only brought guitar students in, he talked to customers and he made us laugh. He's grown up a lot in the past year, and now he has a young son, a real job and responsibilities. So he's giving up the guitar lesson thing for now.

Warren is playing bass in my original music band, Sidewalk Chalk (cheap plug: we play next Friday night at Johnny Bang Bangs at 7:30 with three other acts). There's more than a few awesome bass players out there, but Warren's spirit and drive made him an easy choice.

I will really miss us sitting in back after a long Saturday, sipping a beverage, talking nonsense and life. Which are the same things.

Lucky, Warren and RotKnee doing the RnR Point.
I have a feeling he'll be back teaching guitar at Second String Music again someday. In the meantime, I give him the rock and roll salute, and he'll be ingrained in our memories of Second String Music in Calftown.

Rock on, Warren!

BTW, I'm not sucking up to you so you will help us move at noon tomorrow. Really. Honest.

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