Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clueless city council candidate

I'M NOT MUCH into politics. If you get elected, you have to go to meetings, and I hate meetings. So there.

Today's You Can't Make It Up story comes from yesterday's Herald-Whig about a city council race in the 1st Ward. The incumbent is 85 years old and has been a councilman for more than 20 years. His challenger is from Chicago and was kicked off the ballot last year because of a felony conviction in Wisconsin for not paying child support.

Like I said, YCMIU.

The challenger wasn't fazed by being removed from the ballot and is running as a write-in candidate. Nobody really knows if that's legal or not, so for now, he's in the race.

Our challenger wants a sticker fee for every car in Quincy to raise money for infrastructure improvements. They do it in Chicago, so they should do it here, he says.

Anything anybody ever does in Chicago politics should never, ever be done in Quincy, Illinois. Thank you.

The challengers is also running for school board because he has five kids attending Quincy schools. Evidently he got the whole Wisconsin thing figured out, and he really is nuts, because that's twice as many meetings.

He told The Whig that if elected to both positions, he'd go to school board meetings if there was a conflict, because school stuff "is a little more important" than city bidness.

Meanwhile, our 85-year-old city alderman just plugs along, returns phone calls and attends meetings and tries to get money for sidewalks. He doesn't seem particularly concerned with his challenger, and it's even money he'll be celebrating birthday No. 86  as an alderman, as well.

There's your choices, 1st Ward. Best of luck. If the challenger wins, I'm bailing out of Calftown and moving to Marblehead.

They don't have sticker fees in Marblehead.

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  1. That was so funny,but true,I love your writing. You will stay in calftown please not Marblehead!!LMAO