Friday, March 29, 2013

Dancing Man Mall Protest

APPARENTLY QUINCY'S FAMOUS "Dancing Man," Larry Toolate, has been banned from dancing in the Quincy Mall.

I'm not sure how accurate this rumor is, but I read about it on Facebook, so it must be true. There might be a good reason he's been banned - maybe he did a disco move by JC Penney and whacked somebody in the face - but you don't mess with a Quincy icon.

Protesters are gathering at noon Saturday to dance in the mall and show their support for a true Quincy icon, with 359 signed up already on the Facebook page. Many a car crash has been barely averted at the site of Larry getting his groove on at 36th and Broadway, and I'm sure there will be some train wrecks if a bunch of people start dancing inside the mall. But good for them, and boogie boogie boogie all night long.

By the way, dancing is strictly encouraged inside Second String Music, especially during Friday Happy Hour(s) jam sessions. Ahem.

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  1. I called the mall manager on Wednesday and she (Kim) told me that he was "banned" from "dancing" in the mall becasue he bumped into & knocked a child down. I'm guessing this has NEVER happened before in the history of the Quincy mall??? His dancing pace is slower than the power walkers! KEEP ON DANCING! I SUPPORT THE DANCING MAN!