Monday, March 4, 2013

Rev It Up

SHERYL AND I have discovered a new TV series on Hulu called "Rev." We were disappointed when we learned Hulu stopped Hill Street Blues after the third season. Rev has more than made up for it.

Rev is a BBC series about in inner city church and its vicar, Adam. There are no plush leanings in London for the struggling church, and Adam identifies with doubt and the down and out.

There is one continuing scene where three jeering construction workers on a scaffold next to the church give Adam and his parishioners grief. Adam finally has enough one day after they moon him. He tears off his clergy collar, calmly faces the workers, and tells them to, well, to .... bleep off.

It's the human side of things we most identify with.

In the second episode, a charismatic church "borrows" Adam's building for a few services, and the parody of modern-day worship is hysterically spot-on.

Worth your while and time!

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