Monday, April 1, 2013

Appropriate Madness

WATCHED THE NCAA Tournament Sunday and was shocked like millions when seeing the injury to Louisville's Kevin Ware. Click here for the ESPN coverage. It does not show the injury taking place. If you didn't see it, save yourself the trouble, it's really gruesome. The simple way to put it is that Ware jumped, landed on his leg, and it broke.

When it first happened, play was stopped and CBS showed two or three replays. They were from far enough away but they clearly showed the injury, and it was enough. I don't blame the network for showing it a few times just to see what happened, and the producer wisely put a stop to more replays.

CBS then focused on the players, coaches and fans. The network let the cameras tell the story, for the most part.

I hope the young man is OK. Louisville is by far the best team in the country, and they didn't need any extra motivation, but they might win both games this weekend by double digits.

And ... kudos to the Michigan Wolverines, who came back after an epic game against Kansas (bye bye, Chicken Hawks) and blew out Florida. Should be a whale of a game against Syracuse Saturday. Go Blue!

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