Friday, April 19, 2013

TV news blues

I NEVER WATCH television news. It's too sensational, full of "Look at me, I'm pretty" talking heads and short on substance. Online and social media has rendered TV obsolete, in my world.

But this morning I woke up and found out about the Boston bombing manhunt, and I finally caved in.

It. Was. Terrible.

The sound doesn't work on NBC on our digital free feed. CBS seemed more intent on having important people tell us how important work was being done, and shame on Charlie Rose (who does good work when he is on PBS) speculating until his ears were red. ABC actually tried to show what was going on in Watertown, but commercials every other minute were annoying, as was George BigGreekLastName.

I actually watched a lot of online ESPN coverage, and it was pretty good. Unfortunately they link to ABC news, which means a lot of Diane Sawyer telling us over dramatic music, "We have the latest on the Boston bombings." No you don't, because CNN just told me an hour ago what you are so pompously telling me now.

Wow. You can't tell I got a bit jaded after 24 years in the bidness, can you?

So. Let's see. We have Boston Marathon bombings, Texas fertilizer plants blowing up, the 18-year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings, and more good news locally - the recent rains have flooded everything after two years of terrible drought, and they are closing one of the bridges from Quincy to Missouri.

Sounds like a great time for me to head to the Dallas International Guitar Festival, where former Cheeseburger John Hodge awaits for a weekend of six-string mayhem.

We could all use a break from the world.  Come by Second String Music on Saturday and visit with Sheryl.  (You know she will be all lonesome and depressed because I am out of town.  haha NOT)

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