Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hood Houses

THERE'S A NICE little house on the corner which has fallen into disrepair. The front porch is sagging, siding is peeling, and the whole thing looks like its leaning to one side. It has been horribly neglected by the old owner and finally was added to the fix or flatten program.

We just learned a local resident bought the house. This week people have been inside cleaning it, and apparently it's not too bad. I think the owner intends to fix it and flip it. He's even removed a shed and an
out of control apple tree in the back. It already looks better.

Luckycat keepin' an eye on da hood!
There are three other houses across the street that are empty. Two have been vacant a long time. It's my fervent hope and prayer they get rehabbed and somebody brings love and labor to the homes.

And further down the block, the inhabitants of a drug house with garbage all over the yard and crap on the porch (including a lovely Christmas tree) just laugh it off. Stay tuned, film at 11.

Ahhh .... life in the Hood. Ain't it grand?

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