Wednesday, April 10, 2013

God is good. To both sides.

CONGRATS TO NEW Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore. Quincy voters apparently want new direction at City Hall. Hopefully he doesn't sip the Tea and remembers what being mayor is all about. And I'm particularly interested in his ideas and actions about job growth, because this town really needs a boost in good paying jobs.

One comment I read last night really angered me. It was about pulling off something great, and "how great is our God" because a certain candidate won.

Really? I supposed God is up there and said, "I will answer your prayers. While I'm at it, in the next presidential election, I will also make sure your candidate wins. After all, I'm great."

Pray for guidance. Trust that God has a plan and things will work out. But God didn't answer anybody's prayer by making sure one candidate did well and another lost.

There is such a thing as destiny, and the good Lord above oversees all. But he does not say, "Ah. I will placate you by making sure you pull off something great and making sure your guy wins."

Misguided belief in destiny is a very dangerous thing, indeed.

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  1. Rodney Hart for 7th-Ward Alderman in 2015.