Monday, April 15, 2013

If I had a million dollars

SOMEBODY AROUND HERE has a winning lottery ticket for $100,000, sold Friday. 

Money is the root of all evil and makes you miserable, which means I'm really happy. GUH. I don't play the lottery and never will, but the cash could come in handy.

If I won a million dollars, I would ....

- Buy the music store's downtown building.
- Buy my daughter a cake and throw a huge party to celebrate her getting into Eastman in Rochester, N.Y. for grad school.
- Buy a Bella proof dog collar for Lucy.
- Buy a couple of plots at Woodland Cemetery near Sheryl's favorite crypt, the Osborne Crypt.
- Become a dealer for Gibson, Epiphone, and Takamine guitars to stock in Second String Music.
- Buy the 100 percent lean ground beef instead of the 73 percent lean.
- Fix the roof on our 120 year old store building.
- Buy a new Trek bike from Madison & Davis at their amazing new store.  They will custom order my size.
- Buy the beer at the Hart family gathering in Ontario later this summer. And maybe rent a place on Lake Michigan after we get back.
- Buy John Hodge two beers at the Dallas International Guitar Festival.  Road trip this weekend!
- Sit in the sun on my back patio with the dogs sunning their bellies nearby.
- Obtain non cheap cigars.
- Fix the busted ice maker in my fridge.
- Give it to Sheryl. She has it all figured out anyway!

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