Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No stop sign? No restaurant. Sorry.

THE OWNER OF the former Johnny Bang Bang's says a national restaurant chain has decided not to come to Quincy because there isn't a stop sign by the building.

You. Can't. Make. It. Up.

Click here to read the Whig story. If you are blocked, click here to read KHQA's story.

The national chain has not been formerly identified, but supposedly it's the Tilted Kilt. Fine. Bringing in a national chain with people who know how to run restaurants is not a bad idea, and the Front and Hampshire building is an awesome location.

I've played many shows with different bands in the building. I wish nothing but good luck to the guy who owns it because it is a very cool venue with a nice stage.

But read between the lines. A stop sign? You aren't coming to Quincy because of a stop sign?

Right .....

Hopefully the Titled Kilt opens in West Quincy. Then we could get cheaper gas, cheaper smokes and upside down kilts all in one trip. All we'd have to do is make it back over the bridge and we'd be good to go.



  1. Wait a minute. I thought the council approved the stop sign?

  2. Here's how I look at it....it's the brown M&Ms all over again.

    I don't remember the band, but one of the big hair-bands of the 80s had the contract-rider that they wanted a bowl of M&Ms with the brown ones plucked out. This wasn't about the M&Ms, though.

    The same people running the back stage at the time were in charge of building/assembling the stage. The band's point was if they couldn't be bothered with the details of the M&Ms thing, then how much confidence would there be in their stage-building?

    I don't think this is about the stop sign. Not primarily. I think it's about a national chain asking the city to show some commitment to working with the business. A small request was made, and the city couldn't be bothered. It's not like they were asking for stop LIGHTS (a 6- or 7-figure endeavor), they just wanted 2 signs added.

    Time to send the city council some M&Ms.

  3. Tillted kilt has KILLER mac n cheese