Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A song cures it all

MONDAY WAS ONE of those gray and rainy blech days. The news from Boston didn't help. But something happened early in the evening that restored faith.

Ginny is a high school student who is a good guitar player and wants to get better. We've been working on getting a little smoother with transitions, chord structure and how to figure out songs. She is a sponge and soaks it all up with seemingly little effort, but I know she plays a lot and is hooked.

Ginny and her friend, Allison, are playing a song at Thursday's Quincy Public Library open mic night. The best way to get better at guitar or any instrument is to simply get out there and play in front of people, and this will be a great experience for two green but enthusiastic musicians.

Ginny is playing guitar and Allison is singing and playing tamborine. For her lesson last night, Ginny brought Allison along and we worked on their song, Phillip Phillips' "Gone Gone Gone."

Apparently Phillip Phillips was on American Idol, but I won't hold it against him. It's a catchy tune with a simple arrangement and chords, and it has a way of burning itself into your brain if you aren't careful. And, as usual, his simple guitar and vocal performance is way better than the CD version.

We worked on a few things and at the end of the lesson, Allison and Ginny played the song for their mothers and Sheryl.

I about melted.

Young people who are figuring it out are a joy to behold. Kudos to the library for giving them a place to play. I'm going to try and sneak over there after lessons Thursday and if we are lucky, Sheryl and I will catch Allison and Ginny playing the song again.

Young people and music, as usual, make the world a better place. Even after a blechy Monday!

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