Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston, and don't let the dirtballs win

FIRST AND FOREMOST, prayers to everybody in Boston affected by this horrible event.

Secondly, I though most of the commentary about the bombings was appropriate, except for one remark from a guy who says they have had enough and stay at home now because of such awful things.

Congrats, pal. You just let the dirtballs and bad guys win. That's exactly what they want to happen, to strike fear and intimidation into us. Go ahead and cover up in a ball and you'll be just fine.

We live in a free and open society. Frankly, I'm surprised stuff like this doesn't happen more often, what with all the crazy people in this world and enemies we've made as a country. But I refuse to let this ruin plans to attend events or do what I want.

Hopefully the people who did this are caught. They'll answer to a higher power, some day.

Here's a Facebook comment from Brian Pahlmann of Quincy, and it sums it up perfectly ....

I'm sickened by the marathon bombing. As a runner, it has affected me greatly. I hope those who were lost are at peace. I wish those who were injured a speedy and complete recovery. I applaud those who acted swiftly and effectively to assist those in need. I trust the law enforcement agencies to do their job to bring the perpetrators to justice and our legal system to punish them appropriately. But. I, for one, REFUSE to live my life in fear.

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