Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Caution: Dog In Store

WE BRING TUCKER, our Border Collie rescue, to the store every morning. Tucker is much less skittish now that he is around people, and the kids really love having a friendly dog to pet.

Tucker is gentle and wouldn't hurt a flea. He is still a little suspicious of people he doesn't know and every now and then he barks when somebody comes into the store. There could be reasons for this, a smell or a way the person is acting, but for the most part he calms down and there are no issues.

Yesterday a guy came in with his wife. Tucker started barking. The guy froze.

"I had a dog bite the bleep out of me. I don't trust your dog," the man said.

Understandable. If you don't like dogs, don't trust dogs, immediately seize up when entering a store and seeing a dog, well, my apologies. I want you to be comfortable in my store. Please let me know and I'll put my dog in the back so you can be at ease.

Emphasis, of course, on "Please."

As this guy walked around, he kept saying, "I don't trust your dog." Fortunately Sheryl came in because I was about to say something I probably would have regretted. She greeted him with a smile and hello.  The dog followed her to the back like she is his God.
They stayed for a few minutes, then left.

The customer is always right. Right?

But Tucker stays. It's a dog eat dog world out there and inside Second String Music, and that's just the way we like it.

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  1. Tucker is cool, and I would trust him more than I trust a lot of people.