Monday, January 25, 2016

Angus sells a bass

WE SOLD A beautiful Ibanez bass guitar Saturday to a girl from the Chicago area. Her family visits Quincy often and came by before Christmas to dream. The girl is ecstatic and we are happy she's happy!

While she played some basses and guitars, her  siblings and parents played with Angus, who offered himself up for belly rubs and ball chasing. They had a riot and I firmly believe the dog helped us sell the bass.

I know we talk a lot about having Angus and Fast Eddie in Second String Music. Every now and then we'll have a customer who prefers not to be around the animals, a good reason to have a back room for them (the animals) to hang out.

Speaking of the back room, Chris and Victoria Kelley of Table 16 Productions (and Second String Music Hall of Famers) had Internet access issues last week. They hung out for an entire afternoon in the back to download and send videos to a client. Victoria took this pic of Angus on the couch - I dare say he and Eddie made their afternoon just a little bit better.

Sheryl loves Angus. He's quite a character, with one ear up and the other down, and that famous Corgi growl going when he's playing tug-of-war. Tucker comes to the store once in a while, but Genie does better left home.

Of course today we have a store customer poking around, and Fast Eddie has an upset stomach and throws up on the floor. Fortunately it wasn't on an amp or guitar. The customer shrugged it off - it's all part of coming to Fifth and Maine.

We've gone to the dogs and cats for the whole five years we've been around, with no plans to change. Come on in and give them a scrich!

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