Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hot water now, please

OUR HOT WATER heater died this week. There was no playing of taps, or explosions, or gas smells, or strange sounds creaking up from the basement.

It just died.

We've had sub-zero cold and we figured it was just frozen pipes, but Sheryl went down to the catacombs (basement) yesterday and declared it dead from drowning (water was all over the floor and the pan it sits in still had water in it). Apparently it's a six-year water heater, and we've had it for six  and a half years.

Not really OUR water heater but you
get the idea....
I haven't had a shower in our house since Tuesday morning. Sheryl doesn't understand why I get crabby if I don't have my morning shower - part of it is routine, part of it is just feeling clean and getting ready to face the day. Maybe some people can go a few days without a shower, but I can't. She probably got the last great shower out of that old water heater.

So last night I finally broke down and went over to Sheryl's sister's house to take a shower. The whole time Sheryl gave me grief about being crabby, but seriously, I just wanted to feel clean again.

Hot water is one of those things that we take for granted. You don't even think about it. It's kind of like when you sprain one of your fingers - everything else you do with that hand gets screwed up.

This morning she is calling our plumbers and because she is a skilled property manager we will have a new hot water heater tonight. I'm might be less crabby and a little bit cleaner tomorrow. Everybody wins, especially Sheryl.

Hurrah for hot water - I don't take it for granted!

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