Wednesday, January 20, 2016

World In White

I LIKE WAKING up to a world in white, after we get a few inches of snow. There's the usual panic and breathless TV anchors talking about the end of the world, and there are the usual drivers crashing cars because they don't slow down and take it easy.

I used to dread these mornings when I was a reporter. If I didn't duck, I'd get assigned to do the dreaded weather story. Ugh.
From "Snowmageddon" a few years ago ....

"Huge storm dumps five inches of snow on Quincy" was the headline a few years ago. Really? I haven't looked at any news sites today, but I guarantee there will be a front page story or two.


I'm taking the positive side of things after a couple of inches of snow. Really, it's like the world has been settled down and blanketed.

Of course, nice and pretty means digging out. I shoveled the backyard walkway and store sidewalks this morning, and spread ice melt. My back is already thanking me. I'm not going Nurse Jackie on Sheryl, but a little help will make sure I can give a few guitar lessons this afternoon.

It's better than January rain.

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