Friday, January 8, 2016

Junk and treasures

SHERYL AND I cleaned out a Second String Music storage area the other day. It's amazing what you find when you empty a room.

We discovered a large empty wine bottle, a Yamaha speaker that doesn't work, an LTD acoustic guitar with more humps on the neck than the Alps, and a broken record player. And a bunch of other stuff. Sorry, but the sagging lawn chairs and busted Elvis clock shaped like a guitar gotta go.

So I'm prepared to ditch some junk. If you want any of it, come get it.

I went to Alter Scrap with two old printers, and amazingly, they gave me $7.20. That's nearly a third of a tank of gas in Missouri, same in Illinois with the trustee Hy-Vee reward gas card. I'm all about saving the earth and not filling up landfills.

One man's junk is another man's treasure, or a few bucks at the local scrap yard. Yay, Dutch

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