Friday, June 29, 2018

Journalists, neighbors and friends

I FOUGHT THE urge to post anything on social media yesterday after learning of the senseless attack on the newsroom in Annapolis. Sometimes we grow immune to these things. Not now.

I never felt unsafe in a newsroom. Still don't, working nights during the sports season. In all my years covering crime and courts for the Whig, there were only two occasions when I felt threatened, and neither was in a newsroom.

But you wonder how safe you are, especially in this day and age. Journalists are being assailed and attacked like never before, and it angers me beyond repair.

So I was heartened when hearing the chief of police in Annapolis say the shooting yesterday really hit home, because it's the local paper and the police interact daily with the paper and the staff. Hmmm ... just like good old Quincy, Illinois. I always had a good relationship with the Quincy Police Department. We didn't always agree on things but we kept it professional and I eventually made friends with more than a few men and women over there. One them is one of my best friends today.

We are your neighbors, your friends, or just the guy you know around the corner.

Most importantly, the good people of the paper in Annapolis prevailed. "I can tell you this - we are going to put out the damn paper," said reporter Chase Cook. And they did.

To the POS who did this - you lose, you coward. I am trying with every fiber of my soul to not judge and to understand. But I can't. So I hope you rot. If I see your name in print, I will instantly forget it.

I won't forget the people at the newspaper. In Annapolis, they are neighbors and friends - real people, doing the best job they can do.

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