Friday, June 1, 2018

Sidewalk time!

IT'S SUMMER. THIS means the sidewalk at the corner of Fifth and Maine gets a lot of action. This is the first Friday in forever I haven't had to work or had something happening, so I hereby declare this to be an official holiday, and we need to convene the Sidewalk Chalk Association this afternoon to celebrate.

Adam Yates, Frank Haxel and myself are the officers. Frank is Commissioner, I'm First Lead Assistant and Adam is Sgt. At Arms. Sheryl is Supreme Commander, and that's just in general, not just for the sidewalk. Thank goodness somebody around here is responsible and can stay steady when the Chalk starts flying.

It won't be this busy this afternoon ... or will it?
Sitting on the sidewalk is an exacting science and requires some training, so if you are around this afternoon we start about 4. You have to know how to not sit in the sun if it's too hot - this involves setting up a tent, which also involves saying "Frank, go get the tent." It will be warm this afternoon and if necessary, we can flee inside Second String Music and take advantage of the new air conditioning.

There are rules for Sidewalk Chalk. First of all, never go back inside to get a drink of water before checking to see if anybody else needs a drink of water. Secondly, waive to anybody who honks or crashes into buildings. Third, there are no other rules, other than to make sure we don't block the sidewalk and you can easily access the corner and the front door. We don't usually have to call the police because they are already here.

The main reason for practice this afternoon is that Blues In The District is just a week away, and that's when the professionals take over the corner of Fifth and Maine. All are welcome, but if you are an amateur just be patient and you will soon learn the ways of The Force ... er, the Chalk.

Let summer commence!

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