Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Roseanne Who?

APPARENTLY SOMEBODY NAMED Roseanne something or other was fired yesterday after she put out some racist tweets. Apparently she has a show on ABC. I don't watch network television, unless it's golf or hockey, so I've never seen it. Mostly I take  naps during said watching and miss everything except the important moments. Apparently it's a reboot of her old show, which I never watched either.

She is blaming it on Ambien. Hey, it's understandable. I didn't do laundry Sunday night after surviving Gus Macker because I drank a couple of beers and smoked a big old stogie and collapsed into a heap. I was still angry from dealing with a couple of idiots at the tournament, but I let it go.
This pig is probably not racist.

Wait. Actually, I did do laundry. But I didn't tweet about it or go on a social media rant about dumb people doing dumb things during an outdoor basketball tournament. I was worn out from the heat and the beer mellowed me out, and I thought about doing something on Facebook. Instead, I posted a photo of the cold beer and the stogie. A picture is worth a thousand words ....

I have been in front of a computer many times and wanted to pull the trigger on a comment or post, and I've learned to take a deep breath and just walk away. Don Crim, the former executive editor of The Herald-Whig, told me when I became a reporter to always think twice and to be very careful about being critical when writing about issues or people.

You. Can't. Win.

Sheryl tends to read comments and react on Twitter, and I'm fine with it. She does show great restraint in many of her comments though. I just walk away. It's kind of like the player at Macker on Sunday whose team got beat and was finished in the tournament. He wanted to have a "dialogue" but all he did was waste my time. Eventually he ended up getting a free ride and a two-night stay at the corner of Fifth and Vermont, but again, why bother rehashing it or explaining my side? It all worked out.

So, buh bye, Roseanne. I have nothing to say about you or your shows or your tweets, because I never saw or read them, and you simply don't matter.

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