Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gnats are ga-ross

THE GNATS AND flying bugs are really thick this spring in Q-Town. We've had a lot of rain and warm weather lately, perfect conditions for gnashing of teeth when fighting off gnats.

It's pretty gnarly when you can't open your mouth when you go outside, lest you ingest a bunch of bugs. I had to smoke a huge gastogie Sunday just so the bugs would leave.

Ggo away!
Sheryl had been trying to get out and weed the ga-garden, but the bugs are too thick. They like her sweet blood and swarm around her when she tries to work outside. It's pretty gross, when she comes in covered in dead gnats and mosquito gabites.

You would think putting gnomes in the ga-garden would keep gnats away. But the gnats are still gnarly and there isn't gamuch you can gado about it.

This weekend is Ggus Macker and I hope the bugs won't be too gabad. Maybe we can get the city to gaspray the park so the bugs aren't so gathick.

And I will end this blog now before I spell too many ga-words with a hard G, even though they don't have a hard G. My spelling isn't ggreat anyway.

Ggo away, bugs!

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