Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The roof is almost done

I WENT UPSTAIRS and into the second floor crawl space this morning, for one of the last times. The guys from Full Service Roofing are almost done and I'm getting a little emotional about not having to crawl up there anymore - NOT.

Toward the east end of the crawl space, a large beam was rotting from years of leaking. We put some temporary supports up there last year but we knew the whole thing would need to be replaced. The Full Service guys, especially the foreman, Jon, were awesome. They busted their butts and they did exactly what they said they were going to do, and the project is almost done.

I hauled out at least 12 buckets used to catch drips. Gone from the east end is the big wading pool and trash can - we'd dump all the water into the can and used a sump pump to drain it to a first-floor sink.

It's supposed to rain in the next few days. Instead of dreading it, we welcome it - our new grass, garden and strawberry plants at home need the rain, and I won't have to wonder about the store and water dripping into our back room.
The fifth floor roof just needs a little TLC, so we'll tackle that next.

Old buildings .... you gotta love them, and we do!

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