Monday, April 30, 2018

Ameren to the Rescue

THIS MORNING SHERYL was picking up trash around our yard, and around the fences on either side of our yard. She likes to wander the hood and pick up cellophane, paper, candy wrappers, odd bits of junk and sometimes an interesting relic from years gone by. We save the toy cars and tin military men. Her great nephew has some of the toy car collection.

Another neighbor around the corner is a total slob and couldn't care less about the house she rents. There is always trash and crap on her porch. It's no coincidence she had her water turned off last week, and on Friday a Rent A Center truck was at her house attempting to get back their property. Oh how we love living in the Hood.

Anyway, Sheryl was cleaning up and she detected an odor of gas. I remember her making the same claim a few weeks ago, but I've never had the noggin to sniff it. This time it was pretty strong, so she called Ameren, and they got right on it. Within a few minutes a crew arrived with a detector, and it ended up being the house right next to us with a big leak coming from the meter.

So the trash patrol paid off again. Just no new toys for our collection.

It's never boring in the Calftown Hood!

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