Friday, April 6, 2018

The regional music store

SECOND STRING MUSIC is becoming much more of a regional draw. In the past year, the stores in Keokuk and Kirksville have closed. There's no fulltime music store in Hannibal with regular hours, and you pretty much have to go to Troy or Springfield to find the one within 75 miles.

Yesterday a young man and his wife came in from Kirksville, which is about an hour west of Quincy. They'd done some research and found out we have the amazing Roland Juno DS in stock. Stacy Taylor of The Cheeseburgers uses one and Sheryl had a lot of fun trying out all the gizmos and sounds. This thing even opens your garage door if you want, and vacuums your carpets. Too bad it can't clean up after Fast Eddie.

Anyway, they came in and tried it out and were thrilled. "Your price is the same as the online price," the man said. They bought the keyboard and enjoyed poking around in the store for more than an hour. "Our store closed so there's nothing around us anymore," he said.

We've been supported by great customers from the Hannibal and Keokuk areas. The Fender dealership has sparked a lot of interest (we are getting another big shipment of Fender amps as we speak) and we hear our local musicians say they appreciate a local music store.

We aim to please. Most of the people who come from out of town like Quincy and make a day of it. It's our honor to serve our local musicians, even if local means more than an hour away!

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