Monday, April 16, 2018

Smashed truck mirrors

CORI LYSSY AND I had a great rock and roll weekend, with HartLyss gigs Saturday night at The Place and Sunday afternoon at State Street Bar & Grill. Generally speaking HartLyss gigs are a lot less physically demanding than a Cheeseburger show, but I'm really sore today and it will be a challenge to get through a bunch of lessons this afternoon. I ain't complaining ... I'm living the dream!

Anyway, I got to State Street at 2 p.m. Sunday and was unloading gear from the Jeep when I noticed a big box truck coming down State Street from 18th. It was swerving back and forth and it passed me, then swerved again and nearly hit another vehicle on the north side of the street. Actually, it did hit the vehicle, clipping the rearview mirror off the driver's side. The mirror exploded and went all over the street, and the truck never stopped.

I did not get a clear look at the driver, but the truck was clearly marked and belongs to a local business. I'll just leave it at that.

I knocked on some doors but nobody seemed to know who the truck belonged to, so I left a note in the door. Sure enough, a woman came in (I actually know her because she works just down the street) and said it was her boyfriend's truck, and he was calling the police to make a report. Turns out I knew the boyfriend too. Small world when it comes to seeing stuff while setting up for a show!

The officer came in and took the report and hopefully they'll get to the bottom of it, especially if it involves insurance money. Perhaps the driver of the truck didn't even realize he'd smashed the mirror, though it made a loud noise and I'm sure left a mark on the truck.

Look. If it had been my truck and somebody saw it get hit, I'd only hope they would do the same. Still, it's nice to play good citizen and then rock and roll the day away.

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