Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ready for the sidewalk

WE ARE MORE than ready for sidewalk weather. You know, when you can sit outside at Fifth and Maine, soak up the rays, hear good music, and watch all the interesting people walking and driving by.

Our Second String Music sidewalk gets used a lot right at the corner. We now have a SSM Sidewalk Hall of Fame. Charter members are me, Frank Haxel, Adam Yates, Sheryl and Angus. The first Blues in The District is about two months away, and the sidewalk is ready to host more Friday night gatherings.

It's sidewalk time!
Electric Fountain Brewing at 503 Maine is getting into the act, too. It's going to be 70-plus degrees this afternoon, so the crew is assembling a table and will get it to the sidewalk shortly. EFB has a permit from the city to put tables and chairs out there, and today is the perfect day to break them in.

Believe it or not, we are a little more than two weeks away from our first First Mid-Illinois Bank Plaza show. It's Friday, April 27, from noon to 1:15 p.m. at the plaza near Seventh and Maine, and Jacqueline Kaufman is the first performer. Beau Becraft (May 4), Akoustic Mayhem (May 11) and Noah McNally (May 18) are also featured, with lunch provided by the Butcher Block. The concerts are sponsored by the bank, The District, Second String Music and Vancil Performing Arts.

So let's get sidewalking in proper fashion and downtown, and may it be a great sitting season!

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